Missed me? I moved.

This is scary and exciting all at once. Its official. I have moved to a new blog. I guess I could have revamped this one, but it just didn't really feel like home to me any more. I will miss the pink, but the funny thing is that pink really isnt my color. I dont have any pink in my home unless its Elena related (even then her room is blue).

Well thats the crux of the issue. I wanted a place I could be me. Mom me. Business me. Homemaker me. Artist me. Wife me. Real me. Only parts of me felt welcome here.

I am still a mommy and my new blog is still a mommy blog. So everything you have ever seen here? Yeah that kind of stuff will be there too, plus more. I think you will like it.

Join me please.
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I am still working out the kinks and some things are still in boxes, but I have never been that kinda girl that insists on no company unless the baseboards are clean and dishes are done.

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