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I don't own a scale but am committed to getting down to my pre-Elena target health/weight. Its not just about weight, its also about strength and, more importantly, endurance and lung capacity. I know there are very few pictures of me on here. I have cuter kids. Plus, no one ever takes pictures of me.

Here is my weight by the numbers ...
High school skinny: 103
My just married weight: 112
Pre-Pre Elena (no exercise + marriage weight): 130lbs
Pre Elena (after getting healthy): 122
At 40wks with Elena: 167
At 8wks with Ethan: 142
At 38 wks with Ethan: 175
Keep into account I have been the same 5' 3" through all of this.

My healthiest. See the one handed hold? These guys have it easy.

For years post marriage, I coasted on being naturally petite. Hormonal birth control packed on the freshman 15 unlike college ever did. For my height I was overweight. Not obese but definitely on the blurry line between normal and overweight for my build, but more concerning for me I was that I was unhealthy. As a child I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis from severe allergies turning into bronchitis and then pneumonia. I was briefly on a twice a day inhaler. With prescription meds we were able to control the allergies and the bronchitis cleared up. My lungs were never the same. Pre-Pre Elena I was very upset with not how I looked but that I was winded easily and felt drained of energy. I started a work out routine that works for me mixing weights and cardio. I felt great, lost inches, and could breathe again! That's how I got to my pre-Elena weight and condition.

I dont have any real pictures so you get old bump pictures.

4wks 3 days with Elena
That is right at my pre-Elena weight of 122. At this point my shape was starting to change but not my weight. Current me is at 132.5lbs as of last night! My boobs are twice as big and my pooch is similar to this picture but I have extra weight in my love handles, legs and lower hips. I can see those ten extra pounds. What you cant tell from a pictures is that that stomach is hard. My new post two babies one is mushy with lots of lovely extra skin. Oh my abs, I miss you! Now the hard part begins: building muscle tone and cardio health. Apparently my weight loss is drastic enough to where our therapist keeps commenting on it. I am not doing this for my husband but I think it would be pretty awesome if he commented on it and enjoyed it too.

Next Friday Ethan turns 4 months old.

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